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Interested in improving your home’s curb appeal? Imagine a permanent, maintenance-free, durable surface to greet your guests or clients. Cracked, damaged, sunken, uneven sidewalks are not only an eyesore but can lead to a fall or serious injury, especially in colder climates like ours in Calgary.

How To Construct A Sidewalk

Every sidewalk, whether it is commercial or residential has a unique application but the basics remain the same for most installations. Here is a typical process of building out a sidewalk:

  1. If there is an existing walk to remove, that is the first thing to go. It is broken or cut up, removed and hauled to a concrete recycler to be processed into gravel products.
  2. The new walk is laid out in terms of design and shape and then the area is excavated with a little extra space for forms and stakes.
  3. Once all the organic materials are removed, and we are down to a good solid base, forms are set up in the correct design and at the right heights consistent with surrounding grade.
  4. After these are solid, gravel is used to bring the grade up to 4 inches below the top of the form and compacted.
  5. Rebar is then cut and shaped to be tied at 2 ft centres or less and will be lifted or chaired up so that it is up in the concrete to help hold it together should it ever crack or experience movement due to frost or heat expansion.
  6. The day of the pour is the exciting time when it is all brought together and the final product is in place and finished. A concrete truck will bring the product and the sidewalk will be installed via wheelbarrow, poured right out of the truck or even pumped into place with a line pump.
  7. The finishing process is next. For both the broom and exposed finish, it takes about four hours. With an exposed finished, we would come back to wash the surface off in a few hours to showcase the beautiful rock finish.
  8. The site is cleaned up a day or two later, and all forms would then be removed. For the exposed sidewalk, we will return in a week or so to wash again and apply a sealer.

Cost To Create A Sidewalk

At Grizzly Creek Projects, we take pride in ensuring the highest level of quality, and craftsmanship when it comes to your concrete needs. Our Calgary concrete masters come with over 20 years of experience and to navigate through all types of concrete projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By far, the most common width is three feet. For a walk up to your front entrance, consider going a bit wider to provide a bit more grandeur to your entrance.


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Please note, there is a minimum charge for any project under 300 square feet.

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