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Retaining Walls

How We Construct a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are steep, near-vertical or vertical walls  that restrains soil on an incline. Essentially, retaining walls restrain the earth trapped in it. They have a myriad of uses, especially in Calgary and surrounding areas. These uses include but are not limited to: 

  • Creating usable beds and lawn areas out of steep terrain.
  • Surrounding landscaped areas to raise or lower features for better appeal for better usability.
  • Planters or raised beds for aesthetic appeal.
  • Around or near buildings to give a flatter site and prevent soil erosion and  movement.

Thinking of renovating your commercial property, back or front yard? Adding retaining walls to your landscape would make a fabulous addition to elevate your outdoor space. 


Our Process

Here at Grizzly Creek Projects, many of our clients approach us as their number one source to build concrete retaining walls simply because we can create beautifully-architectured wall structures to their lots that otherwise never existed before. In some instances, our clients have experienced the negative side effects of poorly-built infrastructures that lead to uncontrolled water or poor drainage systems. Furthermore, uncontrollable run-offs of water and snow can worsen during the winter. 

As experienced professionals in the trade industry, Grizzly Creek Projects believes that our clients deserve to prevent uncontrollable rain, snow, or hail run-offs through aesthetically-pleasing and durable retaining walls. With over 20 years of trade experience, our concrete professionals work alongside professional engineers and architectures to ensure that your retaining walls are scientifically-designed to suit your taste and needs. 

Building a retaining wall is an extremely labour-intensive and taxing process. It also takes a high level of skill and planning to construct an attractive and sturdy wall that not only looks great but will last. Thinking of renovating your backyard or front yard? Here is an outline of the process:

  • If the wall is to be over 1.2 metres, an engineer approved drawing is required along with a permit.
  • Excavation for footings, piles and any other subbase prep required.
  • Footings and piles are formed and poured with rebar installed to be continuous into walls.
  • Wall forms are stood with rebar inside and weep holes for water drainage. Any decorative elements (Chamfer strips, architectural ties, decorative design elements) are installed at this time.
  • Concrete is poured using a pump or if possible by the finish crew.
  • Forms are stripped the next day. If sandblasted finish is desired, this will be done at this time.
  • Weeping tile drainage system/pipe and landscape wrapped drainage rock over top is laid.
  • Backfill of final layer of topsoil to top of wall and it is ready for sod or flower beds.


Cost to Create a Retaining Wall

At Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects, we take pride in ensuring the highest level of quality, and craftsmanship when it comes to your concrete needs.  Our concrete masters come with over 20 years of experience and know all things concrete.

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