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Garage Pad / Aprons

Are you in need of a garage pad to get the garage building process started?  We can help with the entirety of your concrete project needs from foundation walls to the pad and apron and any walkways needed. The concrete professionals at Grizzly Creek Projects can ensure that all your garage needs comply with city guidelines, and add a great addition to your home. 

Most homeowners require a garage space for a variety of needs and uses. Garage pads are important as they are the foundational base of your garage and are required to outlast the structure itself without sinking, settling or otherwise compromising the structural integrity of the building. At Grizzly Creek Projects, we construct garage pads with techniques that can ensure this structural integrity. In ideal situations, this includes foundation walls and footings below the frost line. Where this is not possible or is cost-prohibitive, thickened slab perimeters with an integral rebar grid can carry the weight of your new garage with peace of mind. Start things right with Grizzly Creek Projects for your garage pad/ foundation buildout.

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If you are looking to add a garage or are in need of a garage pad to improve the value of your property, protect your vehicles, or give you additional space for storage, a shop, room or man cave you are looking to create, call us at 403-680-2032, or fill out the form below and we can assist and help you install a garage pad in your residential, commercial, or industrial area in no time. Here at Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects, we’ve got you covered for all things concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

While getting the pad surveyed eliminates any guesswork, we can use a real property report to establish property lines and then set the garage pad in its proper location.


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Please note, there is a minimum charge for any project under 300 square feet.

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