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Hot Tub Pads


Picture this - you finally save up enough money to buy a gorgeous hot tub for your outdoor space for you and your family members to enjoy even during the cold winter time. Unfortunately, you forgot to think about the location or you just don't have a suitable spot yet - an essential and often overlooked component for all hot tub aficionados. Simultaneously, your wife only agreed to allow you to install a hot tub so long as you install a hot tub pad to complement your backyard. Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects helps to build and install  a concrete hot tub pad that will provide a stable level surface in any area of your backyard. Not only will you not have to worry about hot tub damage, but our hot tub pads can be incorporated with an existing patio/deck or even be a part of a new patio, deck or landscape package. Most importantly, it will help protect your investment whilst reaping the benefits of your new addition to your property. 



The beauty about hiring Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects for your hot tub pads is that it is entirely customizable to suit your desires. By choosing the right materials and the best suited craftsmen to do the job, you can save money and time because your hot tub pads will require little to no maintenance. 


How We Construct a Concrete Hot Tub Pad

Step 1: 
Firstly, we stake out the perimeter of the slab you would like to place your hot tub by. Depending on the size of your hot tub, the slab averages 8 feet by 8 feet. 

Step 2: 
we excavate the concrete pads to be about 6 inches deep into the ground. In order to form a deeper trench around the excavated area, we excavate 1ft deep and 1ft wide. 

Step 3: 
We build the forms for the footings by placing lumber around the side of the trench and securing them with wooden stakes. 

Step 4: 
we pour the gravel into the trench inside the forms that has already been built. 

Step 5: 
Using the finest mix of concrete available on the market today, we pour the concrete into the forms. Ideally, these footings will support the weight of the pad and the hot tub. To ensure a smooth and even surface, we go over the wet concrete surface with a 2x4. The concrete will take 2 days to dry. 

Step 6: 
After the concrete has dried, we come back to remove the wooden footings. The concrete will cure fully within a month, but is not necessary for the next steps to proceed. 

Step 7: 
We then tamp the dirt from where the footings used to be, ensuring 6 inches below the surface. Pour an even 2 inch level of gravel onto the tamped dirt, and then tamp the gravel down as well.  

Step 8: 
After mixing our concrete, we then pour it into the enclosed footing. To ensure that the top surface is even across the surface area, we run the surface over a 2x4. 

Step 9: 
The last step is to allow it to dry for 20 days before placing the weight of the filled hot tub onto the hot tub pad. 


Cost to Create

If you would like us to install a hot tub pad for your backyard, call Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects today - your one-stop shop for all things concrete. Call us at 403-680-2032, or fill out the form below to get in touch with a representative.


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