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If you live or work in a residential, commercial, or industrial area that is in desperate need of a curb renovation, Grizzly Creek Projects is here to help. With over 20 years of experience in constructing concrete-based projects in Calgary and surrounding areas, curbs are no exception to our line of expertise.

Curbs play an essential role in traffic flow and safety in Calgary and neighbouring areas. We aim to ensure our work on curb construction and replacement will be a smooth and pleasant process and will provide you with a functional and quality product.  We also offer our clients maintenance-free options to build curbs for their yard and any landscaping they have. 

Did you know curbing prevents the erosion of soil and improves irrigation for your flower beds allowing your garden to bloom? If you are looking to set your yard apart, or are simply in need to revamp your outdoor area, our large selection of textures, finishes, and colors will offer a totally customizable look that will make your neighbours envious at your next barbecue party. Plus, curb renovations and curb installation have the ability to increase your property value. Maximize the potential earnings of your home and choose Grizzly Creek Projects today!

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How We Construct a Curb

Curbs are like long, skinny sidewalks in regards to how they are built. The procedure bears the same steps and requirements.

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Cost to Create

Call us at 403-680-2032 or fill out the form below to get a quote for your curb renovations, curb installation, or anything concrete-related! Here at Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects, we value our customer inquiries dearly. Reach out to us today anytime to start building your beautiful, low-maintenance and cost-effective curb installation today.


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