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Sport Court™ / Sports Pad

"Swish..." there it is, the sweet sound of children playing outside again!  Choosing to build a Sport Court™ for your residence or commercial property is an excellent option for your backyard renovation or new home build. Not only is an eco-friendly choice in terms of water usage, but can add thousands to the value of your home, promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone, create a safe environment for your children where you can monitor them, and their choice in friends, develop sports skills and teamwork, discover a maintenance-free backyard, and endless family memories along the way.  Experience the new elite trend in the Calgary homeowners market by choosing to build your very own multisport court.


How Do We Build Out A Sport Court™?

We meet and exceed industry standards for all concrete projects. Whether it be for your outdoor rink, sport, tennis, pickleball, or basketball court, we excavate and remove all organic soils to clay and a depth that allows room for the proper amount of materials needed. We begin with a well-compacted gravel base of at least 4-6 inches in depth. Next, we install ½ inch rebar on two-foot centres. Should the pad butt up to existing foundations or concrete, we will drill in to ensure the pad will not sink and create slope toward the house. Support brackets may also be installed in areas where settlement could occur. A 32 mpa strength concrete mix is poured at a 4-inch thickness and finished in the desired method. Forms are removed and cleanup is performed the next day or within a reasonable amount of time. Now, all that being said, we are constantly on the lookout for all the little and big things that can and should be done to ensure a high quality finished product. We have that eye for detail when it comes to concrete, and that can make all the difference.  We then lay down Sport Court™ tiles, and paint the lines.

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Cost To Create The Base For Your Outdoor Sport Court™

Use the helpful calculator to determine the *approximate cost of your Sport Court™ base. Note that the type of finish, staining, borders, and amount of concrete can affect the cost.

Be sure to contact us at Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects, your one-stop-shop for your multisport court for your home or commercial property. Or if you have any other concrete needs, for a more accurate on-site quote call us at 403-930-0067, or fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Sport Court™ is ideal for hockey/skating rinks. Adding a 12-inch curb on the perimeter makes it easy to flood and retain all the water without it draining away in the case of a chinook in Calgary for instance.

The most common sizes range from 20x40 to 30x60. But, courts come in all sizes from the smallest at 200 square feet all the way up to 60x120 for a full-size hockey rink.

A beautiful Sport Court™ on your property not only adds value to your home in the event of selling, it also makes your home stand out from all the properties that might be available at the same time as yours as the reputation of Sport Courts precede themselves.


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Please note, there is a minimum charge for any project under 300 square feet.

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