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Concrete Repairs / Removal / Replacement


Concrete cracking is a common occurrence that occurs as a product of leaking from heavy rains and snow melt. Most of our clients are surprised to find cracks on newly poured foundation. Concrete cracking can especially be damaging to furniture and valuable items found in the basement. Furthermore, the chances of mold and mildew growth increases significantly. Even a small crack could grow into a bigger crack during heavy rain and storms. As a result, concrete repairs are an essential part of maintaining the infrastructure of your home. Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects ensures that our craftsmanship serves a dual purpose of aesthetics and durability. We have extensive experience working in Calgary and other neighbouring areas working alongside local establishments, corporations, and property managers to repair structural concrete damage. We carefully assess the damage and recommend the necessary strategies to repair and prevent future concrete cracking. 



If your concrete wall is suffering from a foundational crack repair where a minor crack has developed onto the concrete surface, our concrete technicians inject polyurethane into the crack. This is a cost-effective solution that forgoes the need to excavate the wall and rebuild a new one. Our polyurethane is formulated to repair concrete cracks. How it works is that it expands at the contact of water to fill the polyurethane, filling the crack and permanently stopping the leak. For structural crack repairs, we arrive at the location on site and assess the damages, the materials needed to repair the concrete, and explain the process of repairs. Our process is completely personalized to suit every one of our clients’ personal and business needs. 


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