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One of the most visible pieces of your property is your driveway. The strength, durability and easy maintenance make concrete the ideal choice of material for driveways. A concrete driveway is more expensive than asphalt but less expensive than a driveway made of brick, cobblestone or concrete pavers. At Grizzly Creek Projects, we only use quality products and superior craftsmanship to create a masterful driveway for your home or commercial property.

How To Construct A Driveway

While the process is not complicated, it still requires a quality approach and strong attention to detail.

  1. At the project start date, we begin by removing the existing concrete, if applicable. This is done one of two ways. A breaker is used to break the concrete in small enough pieces to be removed, or it is sawn into small squares with a concrete saw and loaded into trucks to be hauled to the recycler.
  2. Excavation begins to dig out any organic soil and to get to a solid sub-base. The shape is laid and dug out for forming.
  3. Forms are installed to give the shape, design, and heights for the driveway. Once they are solidly set and staked in, the gravel base can be put in and compacted.
  4. Half-inch rebar goes in after this and is tied together on two-foot increments.
  5. Weather permitting, the concrete is then poured at 4 inches thick. We then apply a finish to get the required look whether it’s a broom, smooth or exposed finish. If the concrete is decided to be exposed aggregate, a surface retarder is applied, and we return a few hours later to wash and expose the surface aggregate.
  6. The finishing process takes about four hours, and if it is being washed later, this takes anywhere from an hour to three hours depending on size.
  7. Clean up of the site usually happens within a day or two, and with exposed aggregate, we will return and apply a sealer a week or so later.

Cost And Length Of Time To Build A Concrete Driveway

Every driveway is unique in the size and scope of work. Take advantage of our free instant calculator to give you an idea of the potential costs. We are happy to come out and give you a more accurate estimate after an on-site visit. A basic driveway can take anywhere from three days to a week to complete depending on different factors, including weather.

Contact Grizzly Projects for your next concrete driveway project. We are committed to ensuring a solid product that will withstand the harsh Alberta climate for many years to come. Drop us a line, or call us at 403-680-2032

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the compromised surface and high traffic on a typical peeling driveway. the best option is to remove and replace it with new concrete. Salt dripping from or brought on the tires of vehicles in the winter is the number one culprit of peeling concrete. Salt will eat away and weaken the surface of concrete over time if presented in larger quantities.

We almost always wash our exposed concrete. We take a number of steps to ensure the water and sediment do not run onto the street.

Although the official engineering time required for concrete to fully cure is 21 days, you can usually drive on it safely after a couple of weeks.


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Please note, there is a minimum charge for any project under 300 square feet.

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