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Slab Replacement & Foundations

A slab replacement is a great option when a slab has been cracked or uneven beyond repair. A slab incurs cracks, surface peeling, structural failures or an uneven surface from a plethora of reasons, both natural and unnatural causes. Often times, our clients assume that when these things occur in or on a slab, that there is an unnatural cause for concern. However, this may not always be the case because cracks and uneven slabs are often inevitable during drastic weather changes especially during the sweltering heat and the freezing winter months. Use of ice melts and road salts have major negative impact on concrete of any type. Normally, a contractor can take preventative measures to control the cracking. This can be done by properly preparing the subbase, assuring that the concrete is not too wet when poured, utilizing reinforcement when needed, and properly placing and spacing the crack control joints and expansion joints. But even if the necessary steps have been taken to prevent such issues, deficiencies  may still prevail on slabs. Although it is normal to expect some amount of cracking, our clients trust us as a leading Canadian concrete company to advise them on the best materials whilst depending on our reliable implementation system to prepare their concrete slabs.

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The Importance of Reinforcement

Materials such as synthetic fibres, wire mesh, or steel rebar to reinforce the concrete is a major component in helping with your concrete slab cracking issues. While it wont necessarily prevent cracking, it will prevent shifting and uneven movement. Call one of our concrete professionals at 403-680-2032 to find out about the best materials to use and the services we provide to diagnose your concrete concerns today!


Cost to Create

If you need a quote for your slab replacement, please call one of our highly-skilled professionals at 403-680-2032, or fill out the form below to get an estimate on all your concrete needs.


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