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Plumbing Cutouts


One of the realities of any renovation of a home or even a commercial space is the necessity to add, move or update plumbing lines and fixtures. Because pipes often run under existing concrete slabs you are stuck in the position of having to break up the floor to get at the lines and to allow re-routing to the new location. Once you are done, those trenches need to be filled in with new concrete properly tied in to the existing floor. The importance of getting these trench areas smooth  and level to make sure the new flooring installation goes smoothly cannot be overlooked. We can help get your floors back to square one and ready to install flooring.  To learn more, call us today at 403-930-0067, or fill out the form below to get an estimate on all your concrete needs. 



  • Gravel in the trenches is reinstalled, levelled and compacted.
  • Rebar is drilled and installed into existing floor along edges at 2 foot increments.
  • Edges of existing slab are brushed or washed free of dust and debris.
  • New concrete is placed and levelled into trenches.
  • Concrete is carefully finished to ensure it is flush, level and smoothly finished to match the surrounding concrete as best as possible.


Cost to Create

Need help with your plumbing trenches?  Call us at 403-930-0067, or fill out the form below. Grizzly Creek Concrete Projects - your one-stop shop for all your concrete needs.


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Please note, there is a minimum charge for any project under 300 square feet.

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