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My exposed aggregate step corner broke off. Can it be repaired?

I run into this question a lot. Short answer, yes. It can be done. It’s not uncommon for some sort of accidental damage to be done to a newly poured step, patio, or walkway.  Especially with new home builds and the amount of people coming and going. Have a step that someone backed into and took a corner off? Luckily, that can be fixed! The person driving is a different story. Got a little eager and walked on the exposed concrete too soon? Or did you have new handrails installed and the edge popped up? Yes! That can be fixed too. Even an older project can be repaired. Due to the nature of exposed aggregate and how it’s finished, it’s an easier fix than most think.


The hardest part as with most repairs is getting a color match. One way to do that is to contact the same concrete supplier from where the concrete came from. Find out when they are batching the same type of mix and get a small portion of that. Cupcakes may or may not help out in this process. While getting a small portion of concrete will take a bit of effort to organize, it can make the concrete repair fast, cost effective, and simple. If that’s not possible, another option (although more tedious) is to purchase concrete color additive from a supplier and use that to try and attain the proper color. This will take some patience. Honestly, a lot of patience. It will test you mentally and will try to break you but, it can be done. We have done many of these types of repairs and can take out the stress and bring back the pride you had before…the “incident.”


Don’t despair. When that precious chunk of concrete flies off after your new washer and dryer have arrived and the loading ramp is dropped carelessly on your step (happened to me). It can be fixed!







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